Combating Climate Change in Your Animal Shelter - Vets for Climate Action & Getting 2 Zero


How can animal shelters become leaders in climate sensitive design and practice?

Animal shelters provide important community services including daily care of unhoused animals, community education, and even serve an essential role during and after natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, and flood. Can animal shelters also combat climate change?

Join one of VfCA's founding members Dr. Angela Frimberger to learn how climate change is affecting animals, leading to a need to inform animal shelter design and future planning.

Our guest speaker Bruce Playle, architect, will then explore the subject of resiliency for animal shelters broadly, shine light on the shelter of the future, and provide a menu of operational and facility changes which any shelter can implement now.

We will also hear from our ClimateSmart team who will introduce VfCA’s new program empowering vet nurses, vets and business owners to transform their animal shelters or clinics into environmental leaders.