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We’re making veterinary clinics sustainable

We know our profession cares about doing their part to fight climate change. Many vets and vet nurses have told us they want to make their day to day operations sustainable and carbon neutral, but we know from experience this can be hard. The amount of waste, the excess plastic and challenges in a business can be infuriating. 

ClimateSmart: designed by vets and vet nurses to create change in your hospital

Making a hospital sustainable and carbon neutral is possible, but, as individuals, very challenging. ClimateSmart is our new programme empowering vet nurses, vets and business owners to transform their clinics into environmental leaders. It combines knowledge in sustainability and carbon with experience in the field to combat industry specific challenges. Through outlining clear steps and providing the tools and knowledge necessary, any veterinary clinic across Australia will be able to successfully integrate sustainable solutions into their day-to-day hospital operations. Download the program now.

ClimateSmart has six modules:

  • Water
  • Recycling and minimising landfill
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Procurement
  • Renewable Energy
  • Chemicals, Toxins and Pharmaceuticals

Partner with us

Vets for Climate is currently looking for corporate partners interested in working with us to deliver this program. Download the corporate brochure here, and then register your interest.

Participating clinics

Want to work somewhere amazing? Check the below map to discover which clinics have supported VfCA and/or are participating in the ClimateSmart program.

Register your interest

Whether you're a staff member, a hospital owner or a manager, please register your interest to get involved!