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About Climate Smart

We're making veterinary clinics sustainable

We know our profession cares about doing their part to fight climate change. Many vets and vet nurses have told us they want to make their day to day operations sustainable and carbon neutral, but we know from experience this can be hard. The amount of waste, the excess plastic and challenges in a business can be infuriating.

Designed by vets and vet nurses to create change in your hospital

Making a hospital sustainable and carbon neutral is possible, but, as individuals, very challenging. Climate Smart is our new program empowering vet nurses, vets and business owners to transform their clinics into environmental leaders. It combines knowledge in sustainability and carbon with experience in the field to combat industry specific challenges. Through outlining clear steps and providing the tools and knowledge necessary, any veterinary clinic across Australia will be able to successfully integrate sustainable solutions into their day-to-day hospital operations.

We're currently seeking practices to take part in the preliminary launch of the Climate Smart Program in March/April 2022. Whether you're a staff member, a hospital owner or a manager, register your interest to get involved!


How your practice will benefit 

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  • Increase team motivation as you work together on projects that improve your practice and the environment.
  • Improve your profitability by finding easy ways to add value and cut costs. Increase loyalty from your clients AND your team by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.
  • Develop networking opportunities as you share smart ideas and build connections with other vet practices.
  • Attract the best team members by showing your standing as a leading ethical and environmental vet practice.
  • Protect our animals' habitats with a real contribution to reducing the impacts of climate change.

How it works

The program focuses on empowering one or two Climate Champions at your clinic. These Champions can be anyone (including you), but the course has been designed with a vet nurse or junior staffer as the audience. The program is divided into six modules, with each module taking approximately six weeks to complete. The modules cover the following topics:

  • water
  • recycling and minimising landfill
  • energy use and efficiency
  • renewable energy
  • buying decisions/procurement
  • chemicals, toxins and pharmaceuticals

If you would like more information about how the program works and how it will benefit your practice, watch this presentation by Dr Jeremy Watson from Brimbank Veterinary Clinic.

What happens in each module

We train your Climate Champion so that they can both implement material changes as well as work with their colleagues to bring a greater focus towards sustainability. Each module starts with an in-clinic information and resources team meeting, whereupon enthusiasm is built and simple goals identified to measure success. Your Climate Champion then works to implement small but tangible improvements, in consultation with the practice owner/managers(s). All their work is supported by a VfCA resource bank and a buddy system to facilitate problem solving. At the end of each module the team reviews and celebrates their achievements.

Why this program

Designed to be seamlessly implemented within a modern Australian veterinary practice, our program helps your team action the easy, achievable steps that will contribute to reducing your environmental impact and improving the welfare of the animals you care for. It has had extensive design input from a collaborative team of vets, vet nurses, sustainability engineers and specialist tertiary educators who are dedicated to a culture of continuous improvement in a rapidly changing world. This program is your chance to act on climate change and engage your staff and clients in fun, tangible and rewarding actions. Register your interest to get involved!

“It’s easy to feel paralysed by the size and complexity of not stopping climate change. Our program is a simple and meaningful way for people in our profession to make a huge difference, and benefit too!”

Mila Kasby VfCA Volunteer and part-owner of Great Western Animal Hospital, Sydney


Register your interest

We're currently seeking practices to take part in the preliminary launch of the Climate Smart Program in March/April 2022. Whether you're a staff member, a hospital owner or a manager, register your interest to get involved!


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