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Who can register?

The Climate Care Program is open to members of all veterinary practices located within Australia. This includes (but is not limited to): Vets, vet nurses, managers, owners, receptionists, animal attendants, customer care personnel and students on placement. It is not available to individuals. 

How do I register to participate?

Head to the registration page on our website and complete the registration form based on your subscription payment preference.

How much will it cost and what's included? 

The Climate Care Program is of value to veterinary business in many ways, including improved staff satisfaction and retention, client perception, cost savings and increased profitability and of course reducing your environmental impact. Registration includes an annual subscription to the Climate Care Program. You can choose to pay the annual subscription via a one-off upfront payment or with monthly payments for 12 months:

  • One-off upfront payment = $2340.00 + GST
  • Monthly payments = $195.00 + GST per month

Participation in the program is based on the registration of one person (known as the Climate Champion) per subscribing practice. The Climate Champion is the person who will be undertaking the Program and will be the primary contact for information regarding the program.

Climate Champions are provided with access to the program's learning management system – Tribal Habits  for 12 months. Climate Champions are also invited to join and participate in the Climate Champions closed Facebook group. This community will support your learning experience and provide an opportunity to connect with a learning community of veterinary professionals and carers.

Our friendly team are also available to provide assistance and support via the Climate Care (email) Help Desk. 

How long will it take to complete the program?

While there is no set weekly time commitment, it's anticipated that each module will take approximately two months to complete, and the full program has been designed to take approximately 12 months to complete. The program is self-directed and based on key adult learning principles which means you can choose how best to manage your time and the tasks within each module. It's paced out to allow our programs team time to support you as you move through the modules while also providing you with tasks, actions and opportunities to connect with other Climate Champions through our Climate Care Facebook Community.