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Make my birthday extra special - donate to Vets for Climate Action!

If you're on this page it's because you know me (Alix, Al, Gandra, Gaia, Pea - I have many names!). And I've asked you to make a donation to this wonderful little organisation to celebrate my 35th birthday :-)

I've worked in the charity sector my entire career. And I have never (not once, not even a teeny tiny little bit) asked my friends or family for donations. Well that changes today.

Veterinarians for Climate Action (VfCA) is an incredibly special organisation. 90% of the work is carried out by volunteers. People who have many other commitments in their life and who give hours or even days of their week to take action on climate change.

Your donation will help them continue that work by funding the many projects and campaigns they're running. Whether it's supporting our program to reduce emissions in vet clinics, providing educational materials to get the veterinary community active in influencing policy or hosting webinars to reach animal carers around the country - your donation will help drive real action.

And here's the exciting news - your donation will be triple matched! I'll be personally matching up to $500. When I told my partner this, he immediately said 'I'll match $500 too!'. What a gem. So if you were generous enough to donate $50 (for example) VfCA will get $150!

Thank you again so much - it means the world to me and will make me birthday extra special!

(Sookie thanks you too).


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