Climate Change is hurting the animals we love

Climate change impacts

  • Animal health and welfare
  • Biodiversity and extinctions
  • Food production and the economy
  • Biosecurity
  • One Health

Vets and all those who care for animals can influence the public, and advocate for our wildlife, livestock and companion animals, who have no voice to speak for themselves

Species extinction - card image

Species extinction

Under business as usual CO2 emissions scenarios, wildlife extinction rates of between 16% to 89% have been predicted.
Heat stress - card image

Heat stress

Our supporters see countless cases of heat stress and dehydration in pets, livestock and wildlife.
Water scarcity - card image

Water scarcity

As well as rising temperatures, the southern half of Australia is experiencing long-term reductions in rainfall.
Epidemiology - card image


Climate change is now a factor in the epidemiology of vector-borne and infectious diseases, affecting human and animal health.
Agricultural productivity and viability - card image

Agricultural productivity and viability

Climate change is changing long term weather patterns that farmers and their animals rely upon.
Extreme Weather Events - card image

Extreme Weather Events

Increased frequency and severtity of natural disasters such as cyclones, bushfires, floods and droughts cause untold distress to the animlas we love.
Our reefs are disappearing - card image

Our reefs are disappearing

Climate change presents the single biggest threat to the continued existence of the Great Barrier Reef.
One health - card image

One health

Climate change threatens our One Health relationship with Australia's animals.